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The Chair

Robin Kelly - ChairCongresswoman Robin Kelly is chair of the Congressional Black Caucus’ Health Braintrust, the authority on African American and minority health policy on Capitol Hill. In this role, she serves as the CBC’s principal healthcare advisor and is responsible for advancing the Caucus’ health priorities, which include promoting health equity and reducing health disparities in all communities.

Kelly was elected to represent Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District on April 9, 2013.

Since then, she has worked to improve access to quality healthcare and promote healthier lifestyles in multicultural communities, including drafting legislation to provide dental care in underserved areas as well as legislation to address gun violence as a public health epidemic as a means of reducing gun-related deaths. As CBC Health Braintrust Chair, Kelly is working to promote legislative and policy solutions to minority health disparities with the overarching goal of achieving health equity in a generation.